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Cash Noire

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

Put on the detective’s hat and try to solve crimes in the darkest part of the city. The Cash Noire slot is reminiscent of noir films, and you have to make sure that crime pays off – but only for you because the most significant prizes don’t wait until you catch the culprit!

Cash Noire Slot Machine Review

The market leader among slot providers NetEnt raises high expectations with every new online slot, and these are not always fulfilled. You can find out whether the Cash Noire slot is one of the games that justify NetEnt’s strong market position in our slot machine rating.

Cash Noire bonus features

At first glance, the Cash Noire bonus features don’t appear to be anything special. The machine works without wild symbols and scatters symbols, but there is still a lot to discover. The fact that the bonus features are perfectly matched to the crime in the game brings a lot of excitement.

The Wild Symbol

As already mentioned, Cash Noire does not have a wild symbol, which can replace other winning symbols. There is, however, a mystery symbol in the form of a safe that can transform into any other winning symbols and thus also complete winning combinations.

The Crime Zone

At the beginning of each game, the crime zone or crime scene only comprises three positions on the field, signalled by a blood-red frame. With every symbol involved in a win that is in the crime zone, a hint is revealed on the screen’s left edge, and the crime scene becomes larger.

If the mystery symbol lands inside the crime scene, it spreads across the entire crime zone before it turns into a random winning symbol. It can then generate decent winnings with the corresponding symbols outside the crime zone.

Free Spins

To trigger the Cash Noire free spins without deposit, you have to uncover all 13 clues on the left side of the screen with the help of winnings within the crime zone.

Then the free spins start, and the suspect’s pursuit through the night streets of the city begins. You will find a city map on the left edge of the screen, on which you can see the chase. By winnings within the crime zone, you move on the map, and after 7 local points, the profit multiplier increases by the value 1 .

When all the locations on the map light up and that you’ve caught your suspect, you will get 3 more free spins as a reward, and the multiplier increases to 10x.

Cash Noire Payout Ratio (RTP)

With the Cash Noire Online Slots payout ratio of 96.06%, NetEnt may not be covered in fame, and the low volatility also ensures frequent profits, which are usually rather small.

Bonus spins

With the Cash Noire Online Slots payout ratio of 96.06%, NetEnt may not be covered in fame, and the low volatility also ensures frequent profits, which are usually rather small.

Cash Noire on mobile devices

With its innovative touch technology, NetEnt is always at the forefront of mobile games on the phone or tablet. And the Cash Noire slot is, of course, no exception so that you can hunt for criminals anytime, anywhere.

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