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In two words, iDebit Canada for casino offers you the possibility to pay simply, quickly and, above all, securely:

  • You simply need to connect your personal bank account to the iDebit online casino, which is, in this sense, the original online wallet.
  • The latter is usable in the world of All Real Money Casinos iDebit allows you to credit your casino account without problems, and securely.

Best Idebit Casinos 2023

Why Is iDebit Such A Good Payment Solution?

iDebit Canada is a modern, safe payment service that will allow online casino layers to make their payment using their bank account safely.

iDebit mainly targets Canadian players but is also developing its services throughout Europe and its demanding regulations.

It remains that from all online payments with online casinos, iDebit Canada is the most used payment way, as Insta Debit is affiliated with the best banks and creates a bridge between the key financial institutions and the casino players.

The Best Online Casinos With iDebit

Thanks to its safe and straightforward structure, it is possible to take advantage of the iDebit payments, both for deposits and for withdrawals, at online casinos such as:

How To Use iDebit?

To use iDebit, you must create an account, but you can also use it as a “Guest.” You can then link your bank account and access iDebit to transfer the money to deposit at an online casino. The data you transmit to iDebit remains 100% secure.

However, you should note that small fees may occur when using iDebit between specific financial institutions:

  • To avoid these fees, transfer money directly to your iDebit account.
  • If you do not, you could pay a fee of 1.5CAD or 2CAD.

Which Countries Support iDebit?

Canada is the most targeted country for iDebit transactions, and the number of partner banks is quite large.

The number of partners and banks differs from each country, but development should allow more and more possibilities in the future. For example, Belgium offers four banks and Germany nine.

Idebit For Your Online Casino Deposits

To make your iDebit login and do your online casino deposit, it is simple and easy.

Here are the successive steps to get there:

  • Go to the deposit page online
  • Select “Make a Deposit”
  • Use your keyboard to enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Select iDebit as your preferred payment method
  • Confirm your identity via the requested identification
  • Approve the transfer
  • You are now ready to play!

As for withdrawals, the manipulations are similar, but we will still present them to you in a few points.

Withdraw Your Winnings With iDebit

It is possible to withdraw winnings with the iDebit payment method, which makes it a complete and practical way!

The money is first stored in your iDebit account (which can allow you to reuse it for other deposits, without paying any fees). You can then transfer the iDebit money to your bank account. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the page related to the question, and choose “Make a Withdrawal”
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to your account
  • Choose iDebit as your withdrawal method
  • Confirm your identity via the requested identification
  • Approve withdrawal
  • Take advantage of your earnings!

Since this is a bank transfer, it takes between 3 and 5 days for the money to pass from your iDebit account to your bank account.

Costs And Dees With iDebit

Unlike many online wallets, iDebit offers a very inexpensive formula in terms of use. In particular, registering for the e-wallet is free.

Then when you make a payment from your Insta Debit account, it’s free, and it’s still free when you withdraw money from your casino account to your iDebit account.

Note that it will cost you around CAD 1.50 if you want to transfer your money from your account on the platform to your bank account.

As you can see, there is a lot of free benefits on this online wallet, which makes it even more attractive to join it to make various payments and manipulations in the world of online gaming.

In Canada, more banks are joining the iDebit services based on Instadebit reviews and customers’ feedback for their online casino gaming: Banque De Montréal, Desjardins, the Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce, the Banque Nationale, the Royal Bank of Canada, Banque Royale Du Canada, Simplii, Scotia, and more.

The Benefits Of iDebit Canada

This means of payment has many advantages, which we wanted to present to you in a few brief points:

  • The waiting time for a deposit does not exist, with iDebit. You can immediately be in action.
  • The only prerequisite is to have an online bank account. You don’t need a credit card.
  • The fees associated with iDebit casinos are very low.
  • Security is maximum, so there will never be a problem with your money transfers.
  • You can make transfers from your mobile phone.
  • Most casinos in Canada, and many other countries, frankly, accept iDebit.

Alternative Payment Options Similar to iDebit

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How does IDebit work?


Through the merchant, the consumer begins Insta Debit transactions. If an online casino accepts iDebit, then you choose this method as a payment option, select your banking institution from the iDebit list, and fill in the appropriate payment information.

You are then redirected to your bank where you log in, confirm the Insta Debit transaction and launch it. The bank then transfers the funds to Instadebit and the payment service will send the money to the merchant.

What is iDebit?


Canadian casino players have many reasons to use Interac. It makes their lives easier!

Can I use IDebit outside of Canada?


No, IDebit is not available for players outside of Canada, however there are plenty of options available.

Do they allow me to use online casinos?


Yes, iDebit is used in Canada and over 20 countries to fund online casino accounts quickly.

Because it is a fast, secure and easy to use electronic payment system, Insta Debit is recommended for those who play online roulette, and other casino games, for real money.

How fast are the transactions?


Transactions using iDebit take place in real-time, which generally takes a few minutes or less.

iDebit is considered a very safe method. At no time is your personal banking information shared with anyone, including the online casino.

How does this option compare to other payment methods?


iDebit is one of the many fast, efficient and secure payment systems accepted in online casinos for real money games. This system compares very favourably with other electronic payment systems, and it is considered one of the best payment methods to finance your online casino accounts in real-time.