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Robby the Illusionist

Last Updated on June 11, 2023

True Flip, a blockchain-powered games developer has launched its new game ‘Robby the Illusionist’ for the community to enjoy.

About True Flip Game Studio

TrueLab, a games studio established in 2019 by TrueFlip is dedicated to creating high-quality and innovative products. The company has gathered an experienced team of iGaming professionals with the vision of developing new gaming titles every few months so things stay fresh for players! Canadian Online Casinos which are using True Flip Game studio as an option are 270+ online casino!

What is Robby the illusionist?

Robby the Gypsy King is a born show star and perfect player. He loves card games most of all, but if you get close enough to see his tricks he’ll convince millions that they’re true magic in front-of crowds where no one can prove otherwise because Robby pays off solidly once we know how things are done…

He’s got centuries worth knowledge from alchemy passed down through generations–and esoterica too!–which allows him achieve what some call “perfection.” Whether its cheating at cards or bending people’s minds with hypnosis techniques – this man has seen everything there

You’ve never seen a slot like this one! Robby the illusionist is medium-volatile 3×5 with 27 paylines. He’s got all sorts of bonus features that will keep you coming back for more like free spins, magic hat scatter and floating wilds plus an extra game called “Bonus Game.”

Where can I Play Robby the illusionist?

You can find Robby the illusionist in any online casinos which accepts True Flip as a gaming providers, some of these casinos are TrueFlip Casino, Vulkan, 1x2slots and many others.

Robby the illusionist Symbols

The free spins are fantastic, with up to 10 appearing at once. The Floating Wild will move across all 5 reels during this time period- if it lands on one of these spaces then you’re set for some major wins! And don’t forget about the Magic Hat which gives small gifts in return for scores x 3000 or higher– that’s not bad at all odds!!

Free Spins Symbols from Robby the Illusionist

Final word

Our final word about the Robby the Illusionist are very positive, we played the game and tested every single feature, the outcome especially from the game graphics, sounds, and bonus features are rated 10/10 from our at Wiser Gamblers.

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