Responsible Gambling

What is Responsible Gambling?

Gambling sites have been encouraging responsible gambling habits to protect players. Licensed operators are obligated to implement measures promoting responsible gambling. Limits on depositing, betting, and playing times are all options for players. They can also self-exclude themselves and freeze their account for a chosen period. Measures also extend to protecting minors and underage people from accessing the site and being exposed to online gambling activities. In addition, casinos are responsible for assisting players from falling victim to gambling problems.

Tools to Limit a Gambling Problem

Various tools are available across the site, including setting depositing and betting limits, and you can regulate how long you spend on the site. There are cooling-off times available to break from gambling, whereby you cannot access the casino site. You can implement the self-excluding option temporarily or permanently to shut down your online casino account.

You can open it again after your self-exclusion time is up if you choose. The customer support team can assist you if you have any issues. Setting limits is a highly effective manner to keep control when gambling online. You can get help from several organisations that offer assistance and support for gamblers experiencing an issue, and there are confidential helplines to contact for service and support.

How to Prevent Gambling Problems

If you think your gambling is problematic, there are several ways to get help. Effective ways to manage gambling problems include physical exercise, relaxation techniques and starting a hobby. Second, try to create a robust support network to help you quit gambling successfully. You may need support from family and friends.

There will likely be a Gamblers Anonymous association in your location. It can be beneficial to reach out to others who have been through similar experiences. Third, focussing on mental health is essential to avoid gambling problems as they can worsen, thereby creating depression, high stress, substance abuse, anxiety, and health problems. Handling these problems will facilitate shaking off a gambling addiction. Finally, you can seek help for financial issues if you end up getting addicted to gambling. It will help you shake off your debt, and it’s better and more effective when you seek help to handle your obligations from a credit counsellor.


Blocking gambling ads can help if you install Gamblock on your desktop or mobile.

That way, you won’t be tempted by gambling offers. Online casinos and gambling sites do their bit by providing tools and advice about gambling addiction on their sites. If you don’t control your gambling, it could turn into a problem and stop being fun. On the other hand, people love risk, and gambling is a particular type of risk that can be exciting and fun. Most people who love playing casino games online do so for entertainment. However, the intense desire to try your luck and gain a quick win is irresistible. If people desperately continue playing in the event of a loss, hoping for that big win right around the corner. The twin pillars of prevention are to assist individuals to avoid getting into trouble with gambling in the first place, mitigation and helping people and organisations to take action effectively whenever such problems arise.


GamStop puts you in charge and helps you restrict your gambling. The service allows you to limit your access to a gambling site for a time of your choosing. GamStop is a free service for gamblers resident in The United Kingdom only.

A non-profit organisation operates GamStop, and the full name is The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Ltd. To sign up to GamStop, you’ll need to send details confirming your identity. They include your date of birth, email and postal code. You cannot sign another person up for GamStop, and each player has to make the decision. However, nothing’s stopping you from suggesting it and helping someone in need of help. Once you up to GamStop, you get a summary of your gambling exclusion details.

It takes 24 hours for it to take effect, and subsequently, you exclude yourself from gambling at licensed operators in the UK. You can choose six months to five years, and as soon as the period elapses, your self-exclusion remains effective until you return to GamStop to remove it manually. Once you sign up, you should keep your details and include any address, email, phone, or name changes. It’s your responsibility to always keep your details up to date with online casinos. The website support page is full of valuable tips and worth checking out.