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What is Paypal Casinos?

PayPal was founded in 1998 and was one of the first e-wallets to appear. They launched on the stock exchange in 2002, and later that year they were bought out by eBay, though, eBay would eventually reorganise PayPal into a separate company once more in 2015. In recent years, PayPal has also made some acquisitions of their own, snapping up Xoom in 2015, followed by the rival Swedish payment processor, iZettle last year.

A new service, PayPal.Me has also been launched. This peer-to-peer service is also ideal for those mobile casino users who want to be able to deposit on the go with as little fuss as possible. The way that this online payment provider works has barely changed since it was founded in the late 90s. PayPal electronic wallets are tied to your bank account, and they can be funded in seconds.

To date, around 254 million people use PayPal to send money (both large and small sums). Today, they are widely regarded as the biggest e-wallet provider, although rival services such as Neteller and Skrill arguably appear at more online casino sites.

📅 Founded1998
📋 AddressSan Jose, California, United States
⚠️ Interesting FactDid you know that Elon Mask was of the founders of PayPal? Yes he was 🙂
👨‍💼 Company CEODan Schulman
💸 Currencies Supported25+

The benefits of playing at a PayPal Casino

One of the perks of using PayPal to play online is the added security that it brings. The e-wallet is connected to your bank account.

You can, therefore, instantly top-up your PayPal balance by transferring money from your bank to the wallet, just like you might have topped up phone credit in the past. From there, you can move your money on to your casino account by selecting PayPal as the deposit method.

By using PayPal to deposit into their accounts, players bypass the need to hand their credit card or bank account details to the casino. This is exceptionally handy for those players who aren’t entirely on-board with banking online. PayPal is a major company, famous across the world and has an excellent track record of offering quality and secure services. Moreover, there are is also a transaction protection service, so if something goes wrong, PayPal won’t leave you out of pocket.

Another perk to using PayPal at online casinos is that you don’t have to worry about currency conversion. The e-wallet allows users to convert their currency into others (the fees are so small they are scarcely worth mentioning), which is ideal if the currency you play with at a PayPal casino differs from the one on your bank or PayPal account.

Depositing using Paypal Casinos

Getting a PayPal account is a piece of cake. Players need to navigate to PayPal’s website and go through the sign-up process. It takes a matter of minutes to enter your personal details to open a PayPal account. Of course, you are going to want to fund that account, too. Linking your PayPal account with your bank card allows you to transfer money instantly. If players shop online a lot, most will probably already have a PayPal account anyway.

Armed with your PayPal account, you now need to find a casino with PayPal deposit options. There are plenty of these out there. Once you find a casino which accepts the e-wallet, select it as your banking option on the cashier screen. You can then choose how much you wish to deposit.

After doing so, players are taken to a confirmation page, where they can sign-in to their PayPal account and confirm the transaction. Provided they have the necessary funds on their PayPal account, the money should land instantly in the casino account. No fees are applied at PayPal casinos for this.

PayPal Casino Withdrawals

It is also possible to withdraw from a PayPal casino. This is relatively the same process as depositing but in reverse. Selecting the PayPal option on the cashier page and entering the amount you wish to withdraw is the first step. From there, you need to confirm the transaction. Casinos should not charge players for withdrawing via PayPal, and cashouts should be completed in 24-48 hours. After getting hold of your winnings in your PayPal account, you can always withdraw those winnings again, this time to your bank account.

While online casinos do not typically charge players for depositing or withdrawing with PayPal, the e-wallet itself may charge players a small for depositing to or withdrawing from their PayPal account.

PayPal Casino Bonuses

Many PayPal casinos also offer special bonuses and promotions to those who choose to use the e-wallet payment method. If a casino prefers its users to select PayPal, they may provide you with a small bonus for doing so. This will likely be worth around an extra 10% to 15% on top of your deposit and is often known as an Alternative Deposit/Payment Method Bonus. Not all PayPal casinos offer this offer, but if you find one which does, it may be worth checking out.

Players are always advised to check out the terms and conditions (particularly the wagering requirements and playthrough rates) before claiming any PayPal casino bonus.

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How to Get Started with PayPal Casinos

Aside from the fact that they offer the PayPal e-wallet, most UK PayPal betting sites provide precisely the same services as other leading UK casinos. The same high-quality games, promotions, support and security, can be found at these casinos just like at other top domains. The only difference is that PayPal casinos offer an incredibly simple, safe and secure payment method for you to use, too.

Now that you know a little bit about PayPal casinos, perhaps it is time to try them out for yourself? If you already have a PayPal e-wallet, then this will be a doddle for you. There are plenty of top PayPal casinos out there to play at, especially in the United Kingdom.

PayPal casino UK sites are numerous, and almost all of the major ones are more than capable of offering you the chance to deposit using this e-wallet.

The prominent sportsbook and casino sites, particularly those which appear on the high street are an ideal place to start.

How to use PayPal for Deposit and Payouts?


PayPal is one of the safest payment options available for any of the above listed casinos, it’s for a reason since it’s fast and reliable, it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals easily.

The process is easy make sure that you have your PayPal linked to your debit card or bank account and you can easily enter amount and choose “PayPal” when depositing to a casino

Note: As from 14th April 2020, Credit Credit in UK is no longer supported so make sure that your card link is debit and not credit

Any Fees for using PayPal?


No, PayPal doesn’t charge any fees from any players, however they charge only 2.9 percent on each transaction from merchants

Is it safe to use Paypal in an Online Casino?


Yes. PayPal is hugely trusted by authorties and customers, it’s highly reliable and safe and only works with highly trusted and licensed UK casinos