Last Updated on October 28, 2022

About us – Meet the team behind WiserGamblers

We’ve been in this industry for over 15 years, and we have a team that loves playing slots. We test each casino before listing it on our website to make sure the games are functioning properly with an attention-to detail uncommon among other companies who just list them without bothering themselves about their quality or availability – which is why you’ll find more genuine player reviews from us than anywhere else!

The company’s headquarters operate out of Malta ( Europe) but plan eventually opening additional locations across Europe .

Who is behind Wiser Gamblers is a website created by the team behind it to make sure that all gamblers are informed before they play at any online casino, even though we may not always be able update our site due laws changing without warning or time for correction there are two founders who started this whole thing so you can trust what comes out from them

A lot has changed in gambling over recent years- both socially and legally – but one thing remains constant: players want accurate information on sites like Wiser Gamblers.

Gambling Responsibly

We hope that we can provide an enjoyable experience for you with our site. Please let us know if there’s anything at all, so the WiserGamblers team will work hard to make sure everything is top notch!

You can send us a message on our facebook page or simply send an email on [email protected]