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Are you looking for a game that is easy to play yet profitable like Online Roulette? If you answered yes to both these questions then online Roulette is an excellent option. This game is very popular, and we know that if many people agree that it’s good, then it probably is. The origins of the game are widely debated, but there is general consensus that they are French. Although Roulette has been played since the 18th century, the internet version came into existence with online casinos in the late 1990s.

Back in the day, players were limited to how much fun they could have with Roulette because it was a matter of a choice between one or two types of Roulette. The whole process involved finding a brick and mortar casino, placing bets which were limited, winning or losing, and leaving to come back another time. With some innovation and the introduction of new online casinos, there is now a lot of flexibility with Roulette, as it not only has various versions now, but online casinos can be accessed anytime, which really increases players’ chances of being successful.

What makes Roulette very appealing at the core of it all is that the rules are very simple, yet the payouts are quite high. Basically, a game of roulette requires a board, a wheel, and the players’ bets. There are now many types of Roulette available at online casinos, and even though they may all look the same to the untrained eye, they are different and offer many options for great game play, which is a big advantage. If you’ve never played real money or even free Roulette online before, then you’re going to love it.

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The Bets and Payouts

A Roulette table has a 12×3-line grid. The board has 36 numbers (18 red, 18 black). The numbers are distributed evenly around both the board and the wheel. Bets are placed before playing can commence, and after betting, the dealer spins the wheel. Players can continue placing their wagers until the dealer announces the conclusion of the betting phase. The wheel has a pocket for each number, and once the wheel is spinning, the dealer drops an ivory ball (marble) in the direction countering the spin. When the marble lands into any pocket the game is over, and winning bets are paid.

The order of Roulette in a nutshell comprises of placing bets, spinning, winning or losing, and repeating the process all over. The bet that a player places determines the amount of money that will be won, and betting on multiple numbers will increase the likelihood of winning. Seasoned players understand their bets, payouts, and winning odds, but the basics of the game are all the same. For the best experience, it is advisable to choose a recommended casino with great software that provides an excellent interface and graphics. It is also a good idea to choose a variant with the highest RTP.

Types of Online Roulette: American and European

Although various Roulette versions now exist, the most popular types of online Roulette are American Roulette and European Roulette. American Roulette is known for having that extra zero which gives that additional house edge against the player. While European Roulette has only one zero which gives it a house edge of a mere 2.7%, American Roulette’s double zeros increase the edge to 5.26%, which may help explain why the European version is substantially more favoured by players. American Roulette however, may arguably offer potentially bigger payouts, but that is a big may, and quite a large number of players avoid it.

While American Roulette has 38 pockets across the wheel (the original 36 plus the 2 zeros), European Roulette has 37 (the original 36, and the extra zero). The argument is that European Roulette is more valuable due to the higher returns that are a result of the lower house edge coupled with payouts similar to those of American Roulette. This argument is corroborated by the fact that the European variant is more popular online. American Roulette is still played fairly often, in fact it acts as a challenge to be won, and players enjoy this, especially the seasoned ones with expertise to prove.

Online Roulette

French Roulette and Multi-wheel Roulette

On initially seeing it, French Roulette may look the same as the European version, but the French variant has two additional bets – the En Prison and the La Partage bets. The La Partage rule gives players a chance to get half of their money back when an Even-Money bet is made on any of the variations and the marble drops into the zero pocket. This bet lowers the house edge from an already low European Roulette 2.7% to just 1.35%. The En Prison rule allows players to have a second spin on their failed Even-Money bets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

If the idea of playing on up to a whopping eight tables all at once sounds enticing to you, then you should definitely give Multi-wheel Roulette a try. This variant will let a player bet on one table but play on eight wheels simultaneously from just that one bet. Although one bet triggers all the wheels, the results for each wheel are taken independently from the others, which increases the chances of winning. An important consideration to make before getting overly caught up in Multi-wheel Roulette is the fact that each spin’s wager is multiplied by the number of wheels in play.

Live Dealer Roulette, Jackpot Roulette, and Mini-wheel Roulette

There is something about having a live dealer in an online casino that gives everything an element of being ‘real’. Live dealer Roulette gives players the experience of sitting in a casino environment with an experienced croupier. Players can place their bets on their computers online but from there, everything is live. This provides an excellent way to experience real casinos in the comfort of a player’s personal space. Jackpot Roulette is like the typical European variant of Roulette but it comes with a bonus which gives players access to mini slot games that give them a chance at winning jackpot prizes.

Jackpot Roulette may not be available at some casinos, but players looking at increasing their chances of winning should consider playing this Roulette variant. Players who are well-versed with how to play Roulette may be happier with a challenging variant of the game, which is tougher because it carries lower odds of winning. Mini-wheel Roulette reduces the wheel down to, normally, 12 numbers plus the zero. The result of this shrunken set-up are significantly reduced odds of winning although some generous forms of the game give back half of a player’s bet when the marble land on zero.

Multi-ball Roulette, No-zero Roulette, and Spingo

A great choice for improving the odds of winning over time is Multi-ball Roulette as it allows players to play up to three balls all on the same wheel. The game is similar to the European variant but it allows a player to get up to three winning results depending on the number of balls used. Players have to note however that their bet is divided by the number of balls they choose to use, and there is also a chance of additional bets with some casinos. This game is great for players who like to spread themselves thin.

Risk averse players need something that minimises the risk. Some online casinos now offer the highly innovative No-Zero roulette which eliminates house edge altogether. Players bet on only 36 numbers, and the zero slot is excluded. Another rather interesting innovation on the market that has got players excited is Spingo. This game is a cross between Roulette and Bingo. This may seem strange, but we have seen weirder things, and anyway Spingo rewards rather well. The game requires players to predict the resultant combination of a wheel spin and a bingo draw – it’s all pretty exciting.

Strategy and Experience

Roulette is not very much a game of strategy, but players need a structured game play. It’s vital for any Roulette player to practice and familiarise themselves with all the concepts of the game because in as much as the game is simple, the different versions and variants may make even the best players lose. Each player also needs to master the art of setting limits if they are going to have a shot at success. Roulette is a fast-action game and it is easy to get caught up and lose everything, therefore sticking to set limits is a must.

Play Online Roulette

Roulette is anybody’s game and there is no robust foolproof way to win it as it is largely a game of chance, however, players have the power to improve the odds of winning. It is imperative to understand that there is no guaranteed winning formula, and there’s rarely an added edge over the house, but it’s possible to win big, especially at casinos that offer some lucrative RTPs to their players, and lower their risk. There is no reason not to try online Roulette – you are bound to enjoy it, and with a little luck on your side, you can definitely win big.

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