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Casino Games

Online Slots & Casino Games

The first online casino began operating in 1994, and it paved the way for the numerous online casinos that we now have. Online casinos have become a huge phenomenon, and that speaks volumes about how much people enjoy them.

Some casinos are excellent, and some are not that great, but All Slots casino is one of the exceptional ones. 

Whether you are looking at getting into casino gambling for big gains, or you just enjoy some casino time as a hobby, it is important to know what you are doing, and here we give you a glimpse of what to expect.

With All Slots casino there are three play options available to players.

You have the option to download the Viper software which is absolutely free, to access the casino and have unlimited access to several hundred games.

If downloading is not for you, then you can still click and play on the All Slots website, and enjoy instant flash games seamlessly.

The third option is ideal for people on the go and it is the mobile option. All Slots casino is supported across several mobile devices, and this provides excellent flexibility for players.

Several categories of games are available on All Slots, and even the pickiest players are bound to find something they will enjoy.

Perhaps the most popular type of games is the slot machines

If you have ever played on a slot at a real casino, you will be happy to know that the virtual ones work exactly the same, including the progressive jackpots.

The basic idea is to place a bet, pull the lever, and wait for the different symbols to align, giving varying payouts. Of course it is important to know how much to wager, but the fun is the same.

Video Poker and Online Poker

With video poker, the aim is to build the strongest hand possible. If card games are one of your strong points, then you should give video poker a try.

This type of poker is not your average poker game but it is the type played on machines that closely resemble slot machines.

The computer deals you cards, and you build your winning hand by holding the good ones, and letting go of the rest. Video poker is also one of the most popular games because of its high RTP rates, which can be highly profitable.

Online poker should not be confused with video poker. While video poker is more of a poker-themed slot, online poker is like live poker but just played on the internet. There is a dealer in each game, and you win by betting or by folding to protect your earnings.

Most of the poker games include a deck of 53 cards including the joker, and some even have progressive jackpots which give you a shot at making large profits. Jackpot City offers a number of poker games including Cyberstud poker, Three-card poker, and bonus Pai Gow poker.

Blackjack and Roulette

An online search with the keywords online casino Canada will probably result in you being redirected to All Slot casino because not only is it a great site but it also offers the ‘King of casino games’ – Roulette. There is no set formula with Roulette and it is purely a game of chance. It involves placing a bet on either the black or red slots, on a number you believe the silver ball will land on.

The beauty with Roulette offered by All Slots is that there are different versions including European, French and American Roulette.

Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular online casino game, and All Slots has it on offer.

Like Roulette, you will also find different variations of Blackjack at All Slots casino. The casino has over 40 different variations, and this makes for some really exciting play, what with all the progressive jackpots and bonus payouts. Playing Blackjack involves comparing cards among several players, but allowing each player only to compete against the dealer and not all the other players. This game involves both chance and strategy, so you can become a strategy pro.

Casino Games

Baccarat and Keno

Baccarat is all about being able to predict which player will draw out the higher hand between ‘the banker’ and ‘the hand’, which are both Baccarat terms and do not necessarily mean that you as the player are the hand, or the casino the banker.

There are three possible initial bets namely ‘the tie’, ‘the banker’, and ‘the player’, which are then used in determining who wins the bet in the end. Playing involves getting two cards, and the objective is to draw a hand that is or is as close as possible to the number 9.

If predicting winning numbers, and turning small bets into some high-paying wins, then Keno may just be the game for you.

This game is pretty simple, and even novices can get the hang of it in time, which makes it a great game for those new to online casinos, or those looking for a simpler way to be profitable on All Slots. The idea with Keno is to select from 1 to 15 numbers and place your wager, and if the numbers given out by the machine are a ‘hit’ and match enough of yours, you will win – it really is that simple.

Dice Games – Craps and Sic Bo

If you have ever been lured by the excitement that surrounds the craps table at a real casino, then you will not be disappointed by the equally thrilling game of online craps.

This game is a form of a dice game in which a player wagers on the outcome of a single or multiple rolls of a pair of dice. The game is as simple as placing the bet, and rolling dice.

Although the table may look daunting and cluttered, all you have to focus on is winning the Pass Line bet (rolling a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll).

Another exciting dice game on offer at All Slots is Sic Bo, a game based purely on chance. The overall idea involves wagering on how the three dice used to play will roll out.

Playing Sic Bo at All Slots online casino is as simple as selecting your chip size and placing your bets, which can be multiple and of different amounts according to your preference. All you have to do is play and enjoy and not have to learn all the different payout odds, (imagine just how ridiculous and painstaking that would be), as they are given on the table.

Casino War and Scratch Cards

If you are into the ‘oldies’ and have heard about or played the card game War before, then you will be no stranger to Casino War.

The game is fast-paced, exciting, and well-paying, all with a very small learning curve. At All Slots, Casino War is as simple as placing your bet, getting your card, while the dealer gets theirs, and winning a payout equal to your bet if the dealer’s card is lower than yours. The ‘war’ part comes in if you have a tie with the dealer where you choose to surrender and lose, or go to war and play on.

Scratch cards are easy to play, and you can be playing away in no time at all. All you have to do is wager, then get the correct combination of symbols when you scratch your card in order to win.

Having three matching symbols is a win, and the most you can win with scratch cards on All Slots is 50 times of your bet. Different symbols carry different payouts and the amount you earn will equal the value of the winning symbol multiplied by the amount of your bet. It is easy to see why scratch cards are popular – they are simple.

Great Features and Bonuses

Games on offer may be great, but if the site is not that good, then the fun may be lost. One of the things that make playing casino games on All Slots more enjoyable is the simple, clean yet professional interface, which makes navigation and finding the games very easy.

Another perk of playing with All Slots are the lucrative bonuses on offer. How about a welcome package that gives up to $1600 in bonuses (yes, you read that right, $1600) plus 100 free spins? On top of this bonus, there are promotions to appreciate and reward All Slots players’ loyalty

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All Slots casino is a well-known casino because of the raving reviews it receives due to its operating policies and customer support.

You will get a unique and worthwhile experience if you game with All Slots, and their array of games, which is still expanding, is awesome. When all is said and done, the important thing is to be able to play the games and earn big, or at least have some fun.

Now that you have familiarised yourself with what you can expect from All Slots casino you can go ahead and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the games, enjoy All Slots casino

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